POLL: What would make you feel happier at work?

After a recent study found one in four Brits are 'unhappy' at work, we ask what would get workers skipping to the office each morning.

Thursday, 10th November 2016, 12:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:02 pm
Does your job leave you feeling unhappy?
Does your job leave you feeling unhappy?

UK workers are struggling with wellbeing in the workplace, with one in four UK employees revealing that work leaves them feeling unhappy- according to research by Roberton Cooper.

Out of the 1,500 adults surveyed, a worrying 10 per cent report not having even one good day at work each week.

And only one percent think getting out for fresh air and a proper lunch hour is important.

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Physical and emotional energy levels were influenced by a number of factors — including technology.

Fifty per cent of workers reported that technology makes them angry or slows them down at work.

Management styles impacted heavily on happiness levels- those who weren’t happy at work stated they had a results-focused manager (84 per cent) and 42 per cent reported not having an accessible manager.

In turn, people who have more good days at work were more likely to feel supported (91 per cent), and talk about how they were feeling (61 per cent).

Paula Brockwell, psychologist and head of client experience at Robertson Cooper, said: “Work is no longer about just getting the job done and we need to ask ourselves more often, ‘did I have a good day at work’?

“It’s a simple question — but it’s linked to a broad concept of employee wellbeing, including physical and emotional energy, health, sustainable job satisfaction and performance.

“For employers, it’s essentially going back to basics, by prioritising people’s physical and emotional energy as the starting point and being confident that performance will follow.”

“What we need organisations to understand is that employee wellbeing is intrinsically linked to business priorities. Business goals cannot be met if people are not happy, healthy and thriving.”