Who is standing for election in Selston?

It may have been overshadowed by the calling of a General Election in June, but voters will go to the polls before that to elect local councillors.

Friday, 21st April 2017, 4:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:41 pm
Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 4.

All seats at Nottinghamshire County Council are up for election on Thursday, May 4.

The council is currently made of 67 councillors, across 54 divisions.

Although officially under No Overall Control, it is led by the Labour Party, who hold 32 seats, ahead of the Tories with 21. There are also five Liberal Democrat councillors, four Ashfield Independents and two Mansfield Independent Forum members and three Independents.

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Shanade Bradley, Conservative.

After the election, 66 councillors will represent 55 divisions.

Voters in Selston division will elect one councillor to represent them. We asked the candidates all to submit some details about themselves in the run up to voters going to the polls.

Shanade Bradley (Con)

Originally from Newark, Shanade has lived in Ashfield for five years and works locally as a manager at a supermarket. She is married with two children and is therefore passionate about education and support for families, which will be a priority for her at County Hall. She brings with her a wealth of professional experience as well as a practical “hands-on” approach, having previously been a food and beverage manager running weddings at a major national hotel chain. Shanade is concerned about recent issues with policing and security in the area and would take this up directly with the police and crime commissioner, if elected. She feels Selston needs a stronger voice at County Hall and she could work with a Conservative administration to get more support.

Josie Marsters.

Josie Marsters (LD)

I was born in Nottingham, am married to Graham and have lived in Eastwood for the past 32 years. I have worked as a volunteer in the community for more than 22 years. I was a member of a local cancer charity organising fundraising events and enjoyed this immensely. This led to me approaching the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau in 2000 with the aim of seeking a voluntary role within a charitable group. I have previously worked in a financial role and wanted to use my experience to help others. I was directed to Age Concern Eastwood, a local charity which provides a healthy lunch for our senior citizens four days a week. They required a treasurer and I took on the role and to date still hold this position. For almost four years I have co-ordinated the service with a small group of trustees on a daily basis. The charity serves residents living as far away as Underwood and Nuthall village and for the lonely and isolated this is a great service. I am immensely proud of my achievements and together with a group of volunteers I work alongside of, the charity goes from strength to strength. I attained a seat on Eastwood Town Council in 2007 and am still a town councillor. In 2015 I attained a seat on Broxtowe Borough Borough Council and sit on the housing and planning committees. Together with a colleague, I run the Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch Scheme that hosts four meetings a year. Together we address residential issues such as anti-social behaviour; parking problems; and work closely with the local police. I enjoy helping others and say volunteering keeps you young, is very rewarding and the feelgood factor is second to none. I would like to provide some of my skills in attaining more for the residents of Selston – I am a committed individual; a woman of conscience; am hard working and strive to achieve everything I set out to do, believing one should never give up. I am a people person and my experience in working with the elderly and reaching out to the isolated is something that means a great deal to me.

David Martin (SPI)

David Martin lives in Underwood with his wife and two children. As a Councillor for a number of years he is well known across Jacksdale, Selston and Underwood for his involvement in organising many community evets across the Parish. David said: “After leaving school I set up and run my own business. So I can see when the council doesn’t run things properly. They do not have a business brain and that’s why they waste money – it needs to stop so we can invest properly in local services.” He won the county council by-election locally with a huge majority. He said: “I was humbled that so many people in my community had put their trust in me.” His role as a councillor has helped David fight for Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood. He has fought campaigns alongside local residents to protect local rural services like the Doctors Surgery in Underwood and the Library in Jacksdale and to improve the state of local roads and pavements.

David Martin, Selston Parish Independents.

Ruth Stevens (Lab)

Ruth Stevens has lived in Selston for more than 10 years. Having grown up in London, Ruth feels Nottinghamshire is now her home. Ruth has previously worked in post-16 education and management. She is currently a personal carer for a disabled gentleman and is committed to ensuring carers and those they care for have the support they need from the county council. Ruth’s other interests are reading, art and her two greyhounds. She enjoys walking her dogs around the beautiful countryside around the rural villages of Ashfield.

Carole Terzza (UKIP)

I have lived in Ashfield for 40 years and have watched our town centres being allowed to decay. At local and county council levels, Labour have squandered the opportunity to protect our services, but have chosen petty party politics over what is best for the residents of Ashfield. You have been failed, ignored and taken for granted. If I am given the opportunity to represent you, I will do everything within my power to ensure council taxes are kept as low as possible without sacrificing services. UKIP believes in commonsense politics, we are not “whipped” by the party, so can choose what is best for you. UKIP’s only duty is to our residents, not the banks, big business, the unions or the Liberal elite. Have you had enough? Are you ready for a change? Make your vote count – Vote UKIP.

Ruth Stevens, Labour.

Sam Wilson (Ind)


Con – The Conservative Party;

Ind – Independent

Lab – The Labour Party;

LD - Liberal Democrats;

Shanade Bradley, Conservative.

SPI – Selston Parish Independents.

UKIP – UK Independence Party.

Josie Marsters.
David Martin, Selston Parish Independents.
Ruth Stevens, Labour.