Who is standing for election in Sutton North?

Voters will elect new Nottinghamshire County Council members on May 4.
Voters will elect new Nottinghamshire County Council members on May 4.

It may have been overshadowed by the calling of a General Election in June, but voters will go to the polls before that to elect local councillors.

All seats at Nottinghamshire County Council are up for election on Thursday, May 4.

Helen Hollis, Labour.

Helen Hollis, Labour.

The council is currently made of 67 councillors, across 54 divisions.

Although officially under No Overall Control, it is led by the Labour Party, who hold 32 seats, ahead of the Tories with 21. There are also five Liberal Democrat councillors, four Ashfield Independents and two Mansfield Independent Forum members and three Independents.

After the election, 66 councillors will represent 55 divisions. Voters in Sutton North division will elect one councillor to represent them.

Helen Hollis (Lab)

Helen-Ann Smith, Ashfield Independents.

Helen-Ann Smith, Ashfield Independents.

Helen has lived in the Stanton Hill and Teversal area for more than 25 years. She has been married for 28 years to Michael and they have two children – both of whom attended the local schools. Her daughter is a medical student. Previously, Helen worked as a staff nurse at Nottingham City and King’s Mill Hospitals. She currently works part-time as a family mediator. Helen also works for Ashfield District Council as a councillor for the dales district and loves working with people. She is able to use all her skills and experience to get things done in the local area. She is on the health scrutiny committee at County Hall, where her nursing background comes into play.

Helen-Ann Smith (AIWAYR)

A district councillor for 10 years, Helen-Ann now wants to use that experience to fight for the residents in Stanton Hill, Skegby, Teversal and Quarrydale at the county council. Helen-Ann has always been interested in the local community and is chairman of the Stanton Hill and Teversal Community Association. She helps with many other community groups, organising and supporting events and activities across north Sutton. Helen-Ann has grave concerns about the huge number of new houses planned at Beck Lane, behind King’s Mill Hospital, off Vere Avenue, at Brand Lane and Mansfield Road. She said: “Labour’s proposals will see more than 1,000 houses built on green spaces locally. I want to stop these plans and see brownfield sites used instead. Our local highways cannot cope with that amount of traffic and we need more school and doctor places before more developments, not after.” Helen-Ann will fight with residents to stop north Sutton being bulldozed.

Geoff Thorpe (UKIP)

I have lived in the Ashfield area for more than 25 years and have witnessed the demise of our services and communities over the last three decades. I have watched and decided enough is enough, our local and county council are dominated by Labour who have failed to represent us, the people of Ashfield. Our roads are full of potholes, the NHS is at breaking point, GPs are at full stretch, Social Services, the police, schools, in fact everything controlled by our councils is under attack. Every year we have to pay more and receive less for our money. UKIP believes in commonsense politics, we believe in you, we believe you deserve better and if I am given the opportunity to represent you I will do my utmost to correct the wrongs of the past. Vote for change, vote UKIP.


AIWAYR – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round;

Lab – The Labour Party;

UKIP – UK Independence Party.