Who is standing for election in Sutton Central and East?

Steve Carroll, Labour.
Steve Carroll, Labour.

It may have been overshadowed by the calling of a General Election in June, but voters will go to the polls before that to elect local councillors.

All seats at Nottinghamshire County Council are up for election on Thursday, May 4.

Samantha Deakin, Ashfield Independents.

Samantha Deakin, Ashfield Independents.

The council is currently made of 67 councillors, across 54 divisions.

Although officially under No Overall Control, it is led by the Labour Party, who hold 32 seats, ahead of the Tories with 21. There are also five Liberal Democrat councillors, four Ashfield Independents and two Mansfield Independent Forum members and three Independents.

After the election, 66 councillors will represent 55 divisions.

Voters in Sutton Central and East division will elect one councillor to represent them.

Steve Carroll (Lab)

Steve became a councillor for Ashfield District Council in 1995 after previously serving in the Royal Air Force and working in the voluntary sector. In 2001, he was elected to the county council. He has a strong commitment to working with others in order to create healthier and safer communities. Steve believes in standing up for our services and ensuring our area gets the best possible deal. He knows and loves this area, he has been a resident here for more than 50 years, believing that by working together with other local Councillors, our MP and residents we can build a stronger, safer, healthier community.

Sally Cook (UKIP)

Your representatives at district, county and national levels have failed you for decades because the have put their Party policies before what is best for the people they are meant to serve. They have not listened, we have been ignored and taken for granted. It is time for a change. UKIP’s only duty is to our residents, not big business, not the banks, the unions or the Liberal elite. If I am chosen to represent you I will strive to ensure you get the representation you deserve. UKIP wants to keep the council taxes as low as possible without sacrificing services. The majority of people do not vote at the district and county elections. Is that because you are happy with paying more for less, or is it because you do not trust them to keep their promises? Your vote matters – vote UKIP

Samantha Deakin (AIWAYR)

Samantha Deakin is a well-known local community campaigner. She says: “After leaving school I worked in apprenticeship schemes. I got young people placed with companies so they could learn new skills and get job opportunities. I saw the gap between local communities and what I support the Council should be giving. My roots are firmly in Ashfield. I am proud to be raising my own daughter, Holly, here. She started secondary school in September so it’s been an exciting time for her. As a mum, I want to ensure the council does everything it can to make our area, safer, greener and cleaner for our children, with parks, streets and town centre’s where we can all be proud to live, work and shop. I am humbled so many people have offered their support to me this time. Such a lot of people have said they like my positive ideas to get things done across Sutton and make a real difference locally.”


AIWAYR – Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round;

Lab – The Labour Party;

UKIP – UK Independence Party.