What do Mansfield and Sutton shoppers think to Donald Trump's state visit?

The president of the United States of America Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for his first state visit to the country since his 2016 election.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 2:52 pm
Donald Trump and Theresa May at Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images.

Your Chad spoke to shoppers in Mansfield and Sutton to see what they think to President Trump and his visit to the country.

I gave up on politics a long time ago. He is a businessman who wanted to get more power. Its natural thing for humans to think they're the hero, which he thinks he is.
He is a business man. He wants to work with the UK - not to benefit us but his country. We will end up with trade restrictions like China and Mexico."

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"It is good for our country that he is here for trade. I totally disagree with the protests I dont think we would like it if they did it to us.
He wants what is best for his own pocket. But the media does stretch his views too far. Soon we might have our own muppet running the country."
He is an idiot. He has said guns dont kill people, people do, but he still lets people have guns. I think he brings a lot on himself with the criticism he receives.
I am not fussed about him as long as he doesnt interfere with British politics. The cost of a state visit is too much. Anyone with a brain could spend that money better.
I cant stand the man, there is something very strange about him and the things he says. Hes very divisive, a fascist and the ideas he has about the wall are appalling.
I liked Obama but I dont really like Trump. While people say he is arrogant it might be the way he says things. Trump may get the job done whether it is good or bad.
Its disgusting that he has been given a state visit. He goes against all our British values. Its amazing that we havent rescinded his visit considering how he acts.
Its a good idea having him here, I think we could do with someone like Donald Trump in our own country to sort out problems such as knife crime."
He is a chumped up moron. He's tried to put a wall across Mexico and he has dropped out of the Paris agreement. He needs to keep his nose out of our politics"
I dont like him and I dont think we should have him in our country. What he says and does are appalling and we shouldn't be giving him the time of day.
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