Taylor Wimpey move to calm residents’ fears over Annesley housing development

OFFICIALS behind major plans to build almost 100 new homes in Annesley say they are working to ensure a drainage system for the proposed properties will be suitable for the area.

Chad reported last week that residents in the village were concerned about a planning application from developers Taylor Wimpey to create a ‘soakaway’, connection to a water storage pond and foul water sewer close to the site where they want to build 97 new homes.

Taylor Wimpey submitted an application for the new homes to be built just off Forest Road earlier this year, with locals vowing to fight the controversial proposals

Members of campaign group ACCESS (Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements) say the new drainage system plans could damage trees and wildlife in an area known as Little Oak plantation.

They are also worried that the area could become boggy with the excess water that is generated.

Nearby residents claim the area is home to more than 74 species of birds, as well as numerous ancient plants.

They are concerned the area will become water-logged and the wildlife will suffer. They are also worried that the trees will be damaged from standing in water.

But this week, a spokesman from developers Taylor Wimpey has moved to reassure residents that the company would be working with both Ashfield District Council and the Environment Agency to make sure the new plans were appropriate.

He said: “We have been liaising with statutory bodies to ensure that an appropriate drainage strategy is in place to support the company’s residential application at Forest Road in Annesley.

“The submitted drainage application is currently being assessed by Ashfield District Council, in consultation with the Environment Agency, to ensure that the design is appropriate to meet the needs of the residential development.”