Residents split over whether Boris Johnson should remain Prime Minister

Residents in Warsop are split over whether Boris Johnson should remain as Prime Minister.

By Phoebe Cox
Monday, 6th June 2022, 5:30 pm

Mr Johnson faces a vote of no confidence this evening over his leadership of the Conservative Party.

One resident said: "I have no thoughts on it. I do not get involved with politics."

Others had more to say, as Owen Hibberd-Smith, aged 18 said: “I feel his past has proved that he isn’t fit for the job. Comments made throughout his career just haven’t sat well with me.”

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Warsop Town Hall, Church Street.

Despite the negative backlash, some residents still offered support for the Prime Minister, as Beryl Burkinshaw said: “A fantastic man. He should stay.”

Another resident, Carol Betts said: “I think he's human like the rest of us. He came into power and immediately had Brexit to sort, followed rapidly by covid. He's done his best for us, we all make mistakes.”

Denise Okonkwo Tooley said: "Ordinary, working-class people have felt the results of Tory Austerity.

“People are suffering and desperately relying on food banks to sustain another week. We need a vote of no confidence in the capitalist system and the misery it causes. We need a new mass workers’ party."

Another resident who declined to be named: “Boris Johnson should never have been Prime Minister in the first place. He is incompetent and has let us down on all of the important issues. We would be a better country without him.”

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