PARTYGATE: Mansfield MP says 'time to move on' while Ashfield MP 'hadn't read report' yet

“It’s time to draw the line and move on” – that’s the view of Mansfield MP Ben Bradley in the wake of the publication of the long-awaited Sue Gray report into the so-called Partygate events.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray was tasked with investigating a number of allegations that COVID lockdown rules had been broken by people right at the heart of Whitehall and Downing Street.

A number of gatherings were investigated, including ones where police had found breaches of lockdown rules.

The long-anticipated report criticised the leadership in Downing Street, and also included photographs taken at events.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson giving a press conference following the publication of the report

One of the events was the so-called Bring Your Own Booze parties held in the Downing Street garden in May, 2020.

Another was a leaving do for one of the Prime Minister’s communications advisors, and another was an evening where two parties were held on the night before Prince Philip's funeral back in April, 2021.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Boris Johnson said that was humbled by the report, and that he took full responsibility. He then went on to offer the context behind the events, adding that he was unaware of a lot of what had happened.

The Labour Party's Sir Keir Starmer said that the report’s findings showed “hubris and arrogance” of the government.

Speaking after the debate in the Commons, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley told Chad: “Whilst the report obviously makes for uncomfortable reading, I don't think it tells us anything we haven't known for months.

“We already knew these events took place, and the PM has already taken responsibility and apologised. He's also already changed things for the better in No10, evidenced by the fact that many of the names of staff that feature in the report no longer work there.

“I've been pleasantly surprised by recent improvements in how that office is working, under new management.“So really I just hope that, now this is all published and everything is out there, a line can be drawn that means we can all focus on the huge national and international challenges we're facing, rather than this.”

Lee Anderson, the Ashfield MP, told Chad that he had been in "back-to-back meetings all day and helping constituents", and so would read the report in full tomorrow.

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