Nigel Farage visits Mansfield for day one of Brexit Party election campaign

The leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage says his group has got a "huge chance" of securing victory in Mansfield and Ashfield next month.

Speaking in an interview with Tony Delahunty at Mansfield 103.2 radio, Mr Farage outlined how he views the upcoming general election, and says he feels like voters have got "the full menu" this time around.

Nigel Farage in Mansfield earlier this year.

Nigel Farage in Mansfield earlier this year.

The Brexit Party leader revealed on Sunday that he will not be standing for MP himself, but praised his candidates in both Mansfield and Ashfield who can get votes from "upset and frustrated" leave voters.

He said: "Mansfield is an interesting town that very clearly voted to leave the European Union.

"Although it had a long Labour history, it actually in frustration voted for a Conservative on a motto very much like 'let's get Brexit done'.

"Well here we are, nearly the end of 2019 and Brexit is not done, or anything like being done.

"There are a very large number of leave voters who are very upset, frustrated and feel let down. I think we've got a huge chance in Mansfield and Ashfield."

Mr Farage was joined by Brexit Party candidate and former mayor Kate Allsop as the pair spoke to Mr Delahunty.

He outlined how he views his party's difference between the policies put forward by Brexit-backing Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

He said: "Our attitude is this: at an election, people deserve a choice - and there is a full menu on offer this time.

"You can revoke Article 50 and cancel the whole show with the Lib Dems. You can vote Labour for Mr Corbyn and you can have a second referendum.

"Boris will give you a new EU treaty, which is frankly a Remainer's Brexit, or you can have what I want, what Kate wants, and that is a clean-break Brexit.

"Boris is signing us up to three more years of negotiations with Mr Barnier, a huge bill of nearly £65bn, and a set of terms and conditions that Donald Trump says won't let us reach our potential across the world.

"What Boris has done is taken Mrs May's appalling document, put wrapping around it and tried to sell it off as new.

"If Donald Trump says this document means we can't have a new deal with America, then what are we even doing?"

Kate Allsop will represent Brexit Party in the election on December 12, where she will stand against Ben Bradley of the Conservatives, Sonya Ward of Labour, Sarah Brown of the Liberal Democrats, and independent Sid Pepper.