More than 50 homes planned for former Mansfield factory site

Victoria Street
Victoria Street

Plans have been submitted to build more than 50 new homes at the site of a former factory in Mansfield.

Building consultants firm Paul Gaughan have submitted the plans to build 56 houses in Victoria Street, Mansfield, at the sites of former factory warehouses that burnt down in 2004.

The proposed site also neighbours the former Bombardier factory on Victoria Street, which also burnt down last year.

The plans would see a mixture of semi-detached and terraced houses built at the site, which already neighbours a residential estate.

It would also see a number of new access roads on neighbouring Tender Lane and on Victoria Street.

This would help to "ameliorate traffic congestion" in the area and allow refuse vehicles to access the new estate.

The planning application said: "The development is made up of eight different house types which are concentrated in small groups within the development to provide areas with their own individual character.

"The terraced houses are predominantly in groups of three or four houses, but there are also two terraces of 5 houses. And a new cul-de-sac is proposed either side of Victoria Street.

"The layout has been amended to take into account the comments of Notts County Council as highways authority who required a staggered junction of at least 15 metres for the cul-de-sacs.

"All new roads are designed to adoptable standards with turning heads capable of accommodation a refuse lorry."

The site has also been earmarked as part of the gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople consultation by Mansfield District Council.

But developers feel that both plans could go ahead together if the site was selected by the council.

The application added: "The council has identified the land as being suitable for providing accommodation for gypsies and travellers, which confirms it does not consider that the land should necessarily be safeguarded for employment purposes.

"If a small part of the site were developed and appropriate landscaping introduced the site could be considered potentially suitable [for both].

"Whilst it could be argued that the site could be continued to be used for employment purposes, the site is situated within a poor location with a local road network not designed for the type of heavy goods vehicles that could well be expected to visit such sites.

"There exist better sites within the borough which have been purposely designed for employment use and offer better transport links and surroundings akin to such developments."

The plans will now go to Mansfield District Council's planning committee for debate.