Mansfield pension campaigner backs new manifesto for 'inter-generational fairness'

A manifesto calling for "dignity and security" for pensioners as a priority in next month's general election has been backed by a Mansfield pension lobbyist.

Mick Newton, East Midlands regional secretary for the National Pensioners Convention, has thrown his weight behind a new manifesto launched by the convention which calls for all major political parties to provide "inter-generational fairness".

Pensioners currently risk losing their free TV licences, but the commission wants this to change.

Pensioners currently risk losing their free TV licences, but the commission wants this to change.

The new 'Pensioners' Manifesto' called for measures such as the raising of state pension to "above the poverty level" and the introduction of a new "commissioner of old people" - an independent role which can enact "positive change" for Britain's elderly.

The manifesto also outlines a desire for a Brexit deal that "safeguards equality" and for a future government to provide benefits for pensioners such as free bus travel, a £500 winter fuel allowance, free prescriptions and the reinstatement of the TV licence for the over-75s.

Backing the manifesto, Mr Newton, who is also a figurehead in the Mineworkers Pension Campaign, said: "In recent years, various politicians, think-tanks and media commentators have suggested that older people are the cause of many of the country’s problems - from the shortage of housing to the lack of hospital beds.

"Some argue that the older generation have escaped austerity whilst the young are taking the brunt. Such statements simply fund the generation divide.

"Older people are just as vulnerable to the effects of austerity as the young, and in addition they are concerned about the future of their children and grandchildren.

"Thus, plans to take away benefits such as the triple lock or the bus pass will not help younger people but would be use to roll back the welfare state for everyone.

"Today's generation is tomorrow’s Pensioner. In reality, Britain is not a great place in which to grow old. Our state pension is among one of the least adequate in the western world.

"Our social care system is in crisis with 1.8 million people no longer getting the help they need and in the last 5 years 170,370 pensioners have died from cold related illnesses.

"That is why at the next general election, we will call on all candidates to support a manifesto that will put the concerns of today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners at the heart of the political process."