Mansfield Liberal Democrats candidate 'unapologetic' of her pro-EU values

The Liberal Democrats candidate for Mansfield at the upcoming general election has said she is "unapologetic" about her pro-EU stance.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 11:12 am
Sarah Brown, parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Mansfield, appearing on BBC's Sunday Politics.

Speaking on the BBC's Sunday Politics show, Sarah Brown, who was revealed as Mansfield's Lib Dem candidate earlier this year, says she wants to be the "voice" for Mansfield's remain voters - and those who have "changed their minds".

Ms Brown, who will stand against incumbent Conservative MP Ben Bradley, Labour's Councillor Sonya Ward and former mayor Kate Allsop, of the Brexit Party, says she believes we have the "best deal" as members of the EU, and that she will campaign to revoke Article 50.

She said: "The wonderful thing about democracy is that people can change their minds.

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"It would be a big change in Mansfield, but while more than 70 per cent of people in Mansfield voted to leave, there is 30 per cent who didn't vote to leave.

"I want to be the voice for those people and for the people who have changed their minds."

"We're unapologetic about our pro-EU values and in my opinion there is no deal that can be negotiated that is better than the deal we have as a member of the European Union.

"But if we are going to leave, then we need a deal that makes it as smooth as possible but of course we'll be campaigning to revoke Article 50 in the general election."

Ms Brown also spoke about her views on legalising drugs such as cannabis, and the affect it could have on the numbers of rough sleepers on our streets.

She added: "If you legalise drugs then you can legislated for them. Is it better for somebody to go and buy drugs from Sainsbury's, rather than going to the dodgy drug dealer down the street?

"Drugs like mamba and spice cause all kinds of addiction problems, whereas if we were to allow them to be legal then we can legislate to make the effects less harmful.

"Rough sleeping isn't just about drugs, about who's on mamba. There are all sorts of reasons why people end up as a rough sleeper.

"For example, domestic abuse, domestic violence and people fleeing violent partners. I myself could have ended up homeless as a result of escaping an abuser, so there are all sorts of reasons why people end up on the streets."

It is understood there will be an early general election on December 12, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party will back a snap poll later today.