Here's what Mansfield's mayoral candidates say they will do for YOU

Mayoral candidates from three parties took part in a hustings event, organised by your Chad, and presented by Mansfield 103.2 presenter, Tony Delahunty.

Here's what Mansfield's mayoral candidates say they will do for YOU
Here's what Mansfield's mayoral candidates say they will do for YOU

During a question and answer session, all five candidates had the chance to prove why they are the best person for the job.

Here is what they had to say.

Andy Abrahams- Labour

Here's what Mansfield's mayoral candidates say they will do for YOU

"My father was a coal miner, he worked at Crown Farm, and my mum was a cleaner. I'm a family man and I have four children and they've all been bord, ed and raised in mans

"I'm a qualified civil engineer. I have worked in local government for ten years, and private industry for 15. I've worked on national projects including the Channel Tunnel rail link and the upgrading of the motorway system.

"If you elected me I would bring this experience, and consult with the people of Mansfield to make sure that we pick projects that are their priorities. In my mid 40s I decided to change careers. I retrained to become a teacher and became head of pastoral then head of maths.

"I passionately believe that education is the key to improving life opportunities of all young people.

"I'd stop building on all greenfield sites - instead I'd concentrate on building affordable housing in areas that need regeneration.

"I would stop investing outside of Mansfield. Instead we would borrow money, but to invest in the town.

"People have said there's nothing to go to Mansfield for, what has happened to our historic market town?

"The answer is 16 years of the independents.

"If you want a fresh start, if you want a clean green Mansfield, vote for Andy Abrahams on May 2."

Kate Allsop - Independent

"I'm proud to stand on my record of achievement.

"I together with Mansfield independent forum have kept your council tax at zero percent increase for nine consecutive years, keeping your money in your pocket.

"This is against a backdrop of losing 65 per cent, or 6.1 milllion pounds of our central government funding due to Conservative austerity.

"We've achieved this by using our assets wisely. We have 321 million pounds invested in Mansfield.

"Your council under my leadership have built 182 council homes an spent just under 27 million on repairs and renovations on our council homes.

"We've unlocked two derelict sites and created housing on brownfield sites.

"Our property acquisitions are bringing in five and a half million pounds into this area.

By investing in Mansfield we've managed to ensure there have been no real, serious cuts.

"We are much more productive in a digital way and are looking to become more efficient."

Stephen Garner - Independent

Stephen Garner introduced himself as "someone who has lived and worked in Mansfield all my life."

He added "I'm out in the community every day, and this will continue.

"If I'm elected I can improve the way the council is run to make things better for the people of Mansfield.

"Changes have been made to the management and officer structure at Mansfield District Council, but I will change the cabinet structure to free up £70,000 to divert to services.

Cleaning the streets and warden service.

"I believe in taking the market place back to Westgate, and I will encourage stallholders to get back up there

"I will introduce free parking after 3pm.

"Conservation always gets a back seat, but I shall make this a cornerstone of all the decisions made by the district council. I want to improve recycling by introducing kerbside glass collections - something I have been fighting for for over a decade.

"Finally, I propose to have a ref on the mayoral system in 2021, and the people of mans can say if they still want a mayor. If they say they dont want a mayor I will walk out of the door.

George Jabbour - Conservative

"I am in a unique position to make a difference. I have the right experience, determination and passion to bring about a change that we desperately need - it's time for fresh start

"The mayor has to make important decisions about housing and infrastructure, and with my background in civil and structural engineering I have the right expertise and knowledge.

"I'm also very passionate about science and innovation and rely on by background in IT to drive ambition.

"Another priority is to bring more jobs and better opportunities for hard working families.

"I will work with our MP Ben Bradley to promote Mansfield nationally and further afield.

"We need to have the right person with the right skills. I have travelled extensively and worked with people of all backgrounds.

"Because of this ill be able to bring a fresh new and broad perspective to the role of mayor.

"The people of of Mansfield are crying for change."

Phillip Shields -Independent

I'm standing for mayor again, I stood in 2015 and managed to get just under 10,000 votes.

"We all want the same things for Mansfield and its up to people to decide who they think is the most confident person.

"It's up to the people to decide who they're most confident with getting the job done. I firmly believe I can make change happen in Mansfield, purley ans simply being independent means I've got ways of doing it.

"I'd love to see the cabinet change, my intention is to see individuals from each group put their candidate forward for who sits on the cabinet, which works for democracy

"I'm from Warsop, I went to school in Woodhouse, I live in Mansfield, so I've got a complete understanding of the district. When I'm out there talking to people, Warsop, Forest Town and parts of Rainworth say we are forgotten. The town centre has to change first, that's the start of the hub, then we can expand from the town centre."

The hustings event was streamed live on our Facebook page. Watch it in full here.