Full list of candidates in Mansfield and Ashfield for May 6 elections

The battle lines have been drawn and it’s full steam ahead for local elections in Mansfield and Ashfield next month.

By Richard Silverwood
Thursday, 15th April 2021, 3:58 pm
Updated Friday, 16th April 2021, 9:48 am
County Hall, headquarters of Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall, headquarters of Nottinghamshire County Council

All 66 seats at Nottinghamshire County Council, including those in the Chad area, are up for grabs when residents go to the polls on Thursday, May 6.

There is also a Mansfield District Council by-election in the Oakham ward, triggered by the resignation of Ashfield’s Conservative MP, Lee Anderson

And on the same day, two by-elections will be held for Ashfield District Council seats, in the wards of Annesley and Kirkby Woodhouse, and also Skegby.

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The polling stations will open in Mansfield and Ashfield on Thursday, May 6.

Furthermore, voters get the chance to elect a new police and crime commissioner for the area, with the current incumbent, former Labour MP Paddy Tipping, facing challenges from Caroline Henry, for the Conservatives, and David Watts, for the Liberal Democrats.

The main focus of interest is at County Hall, where the county council has been governed, since the last elections, by a coalition of the Conservative Party (32 seats) and the Mansfield Independents group (four seats). Labour had 22 seats, Ashfield Independents six seats, Liberal Democrats one seat and an Independent one seat.

The deadline for nominations in the May 6 county council elections has now passed, and the full list of candidates has been announced. Here is the line-up for all the wards within the Mansfield and Ashfield districts (named in alphabetical order):

MANSFIELD NORTH (two seats) – Mick Barton (Mansfield Independents), Steve Bodle (Mansfield Independents), Ben Bradley (Conservative), Anne Callaghan (Labour), John Coxhead (Labour), Jordan Hall (Reform UK), Tom Hunt (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), John Knight (Conservative), Sid Pepper (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom), Nina Swanwick (Green Party), Milo Tooley-Okonkwo (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).

MANSFIELD EAST (two seats) – Robert Corden (Conservative), Hayley Dallman (Labour), Peter Dean (Socialist Labour), Mark Fretwell (Labour), Vaughan Hopewell (Mansfield Independents), Nigel Moxon (Conservative), Karen Seymour (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Benjamin White (Independent), Martin Wright (Mansfield Independents).

MANSFIELD SOUTH (two seats) – Andy Abrahams (Labour), Thorsten Altenkirch (Liberal Democrats), Kevin Brown (Mansfield Independents), Andre Camilleri (Conservative), Bill Drewett (Mansfield Independents), Robert Elliman (Conservative), Steve Garner (Independent), Sadie Kime (Independent), Maxi Leigh (Labour), Andy Rimmer (Liberal Democrats), Andy Sissons (Independent), Paul Tooley-Okonkwo (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).

MANSFIELD WEST (two seats) – Sinead Anderson (Conservative), Barry Answer (Mansfield Independents), Kier Barsby (Independent), Paul Henshaw (Labour), Michael Higginson (Independent), Deborah Hodson (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Paul Marshall (Conservative), Diana Meale (Labour), David Smith (Mansfield Independents), Denise Tooley-Okonkwo (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).

WARSOP (one seat) – Ken Bonsall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Bethan Eddy (Conservative), Philip Shields (Independent), Andy Wetton (Labour).

ASHFIELDS (one seat) – Cameron Felton (Conservative), Stefan Lamb (Labour), Jason Zadrozny (Ashfield Independents).

KIRKBY NORTH (one seat) – Julia Long (Labour), Andy Meakin (Ashfield Independents), Christine Self (Conservative).

KIRKBY SOUTH (one seat) – Carol Flowers (Conservative), Donna Gilbert (Labour), Daniel Williamson (Ashfield Independents).

SELSTON (one seat) – Katherine Harlow (Labour), Dawn Justice (Conservative), David Martin (Ashfield Independents).

SUTTON CENTRAL AND EAST (one seat) – Enid Bakewell (Labour), Samantha Deakin (Ashfield Independents), Shaun Flowers (Conservative).

SUTTON NORTH (one seat) – Linford Gibbons (Labour), Sam Howlett (Conservative), Helen-Ann Smith (Ashfield Independents).

SUTTON WEST (one seat) – Tom Hollis (Ashfield Independents), Cathy Mason (Labour), Russell Talbot (Conservative).

The Mansfield District Council by-election for the Oakham ward (one seat) will be contested by: Kevin Brown (Mansfield Independents), Robert Elliman (Conservative), Lauren Kimberley (Independent) and Michelle Swordy (Labour).

The Ashfield District Council by-election for the Annesley and Kirkby Woodhouse ward (one seat) will be a duel between Jamie Bell (Ashfield Independents) and Perry Woodhouse (Labour).

The Ashfield District Council by-election for the Skegby ward (one seat) will be contested by: Joanne Booker-Varley (Labour), Will Bostock (Ashfield Independents) and Sam Howlett (Conservative).

All the polling stations will be open from 7 am to 10 pm.