Former Warsop station up for sale - despite railway extension and traveller site plans

Warsop station, on Mansfield Road.
Warsop station, on Mansfield Road.

A former train station in Warsop has gone up for sale, despite being earmarked for both a permanent traveller site and to be reopened as part of the Robin Hood Line extension.

The depot, on Mansfield Road, is one of 15 sites being considered for the gypsie, traveller and travelling showpeople consultation by Mansfield District Council.

But the property has appeared on online estate agent Zoopla for £300,000, despite other plans to reopen it for the extension into Warsop of the railway link between Mansfield and Nottingham.

And a councillor in Warsop has described the sale as "bizarre", questioning why the site was picked as a potential traveller site with the rail line extension plans in the pipeline.

Councillor Debra Barlow, independent member for Market Warsop, said: "I know from discussions on another traveller site that it doesn’t matter if the owners put the site up for sale it will still remain part of the consultation.

"Why they have identified this site for travellers when our MP is actively trying to reestablish the rail link is anybody’s guess, it does seem bizarre.

"Warsop train station is part of the local transport infrastructure improvements plan, part of the emerging Warsop parish neighbourhood plan and as I’ve said being promoted by the MP.

"The traveller sites were chosen prior to the current administration. As far as I know, and I haven’t, members have not been given an explanation into why certain sites have been chosen.

"All I know is that land has been looked for and then decided if facilities are near by. Not, has this piece of land been allocated, or has it got another use."

But chiefs at Mansfield District Council have insisted that the site could be used for two purposes, and that the property sale will not affect both plans.

Martyn Saxton, head of planning and regeneration at Mansfield District Council, said: "The site is part of the gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople consultation at site 42.

"If the site was one of the sites that was to come forward this would not stop the reopening of the Dukeries line as the route and station is safeguarded within the Mansfield District Local Plan.

"The site would need to be designed to accommodate both uses."

View the property on Zoopla here.