Nottinghamshire residents urged to 'reduce and recycle' this Christmas

Brits are expected to produce an extra three million tonnes of waste this Christmas.Brits are expected to produce an extra three million tonnes of waste this Christmas.
Brits are expected to produce an extra three million tonnes of waste this Christmas.
Residents of Nottinghamshire are being asked to help prevent a season of waste by reducing and recycling this Christmas.

People are expected to produce 30 per cent more waste this festive period than at any other time of the year – that’s an extra three million tonnes.

To help prevent an unnecessary rise in waste levels, Nottinghamshire County Council’s recycling and waste contractor Veolia is asking residents to reduce and recycle during the festive period.

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From food to gift shopping, the numbers associated with festive season waste are staggering – with more than one billion cards sent, 227,000 miles of wrapping paper used, and 17.2 million sprouts thrown in the bin.

Veolia staff are asking everyone to show their appreciation to the environment through conscious effort and a few tweaks in our holiday preparation to make more sustainable choices.

Lea Hawkes, general manager at Veolia Nottinghamshire said: “At Christmas we all tend to create more waste than usual, so it’s vital that everyone in Nottinghamshire helps to reduce their waste, reuse and recycle this festive season.”

Top tips include sending e-cards instead of paper ones, planning your meals ahead and only buying what you need.

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Where waste is unavoidable, residents must make use of their recycling service to help preserve precious resources.

Don’t forget to check with the local council regarding any changes to kerbside bin collections over the Christmas period.

Cardboard boxes should always be recycled. Flatten boxes to save space and avoid overflowing recycling bins.

Drinks cans, aerosols and tin cans are highly recyclable and can be remade into new items again.

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Do not fly-tip any used Christmas trees. Whether real or fake, there are legitimate reuse and recycling options in Nottinghamshire. Take your real Christmas tree to a recycling centre or donate good condition, plastic trees to charity shops for others to reuse next year.

Councillor Phil Rostance, vice chairman of communities and place committee, said: “If you’re unsure of where to put some of the seasonal items, maybe tinsel or sweet tins, visit Veolia’s website, or for common everyday items check the county council’s website for a definitive list.”

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