Mansfield council set to launch kerbside glass recycling scheme

Glass is set to be collected from homes in Mansfield for recycling under a planned £775,000 scheme.

Mansfield District Council members are due to consider the scheme which would see households getting an extra wheelie bin for collections once every eight weeks.

Mansfield District Council is set to launch a kerbside glass recycling scheme.

Mansfield District Council is set to launch a kerbside glass recycling scheme.

The council says it would cost £775.500 to start and then £83,000 per year to run, with the aim of improving recycling rates and ensuring the right waste goes into recycling bins.

Sarah Troman, council head of neighbourhood services, said: "This scheme would be part of the council's agenda to be a cleaner and greener and more welcoming district.

"There has been a lot of public support to introduce kerbside collections of glass and we believe this will increase the recycling rate in Mansfield by up to 3 per cent.

"We also expect it to reduce the contamination rate from 12 per cent to 9 per cent in the recycling bins, as customers often assume glass can be included.

"If it is approved, we will be in touch with residents after Christmas about the scheme. They will be able to opt out of having a fourth bin if they wish. The frequency of collections would compare with other authorities."

Councillors are recommended to approve the scheme when they meet on Tuesday, November 19.

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A council spokeswoman said: "The council decided to investigate how to take the scheme forward following a customer survey last year which showed residents overwhelmingly in favour of kerbside glass collections, with 89 per cent saying it would encourage them to recycle more.

"At the moment, people wanting to recycle glass in Mansfield have to take their jars and bottles to bottle banks, dotted around the district in public car parks, or recycling centres.

"This has caused difficulties in recycling glass for people without their own transport.

"The kerbside scheme would see 40,000 individual households getting a fourth wheelie bin with larger communal bins provided for homes where individual bins are not a logistical possibility. "

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If the scheme is agreed, the council would agree a five-year deal with Nottinghamshire County Council, which is responsible for waste disposal in the county.

The district council would need to meet a minimum collection of 2,000 tonnes of glass a year - an increase of 1,200 tonnes from existing bring-site volumes - or face a £49 a tonne penalty for every tonne below that target.

The spokeswoman said: "The council believes the target is realistic, based on nearby authorities’ experience, although may take some time to build up to meet the target volume.

"If the district council collects more than the target, there will be additional income from each tonne of glass sold and it would also be paid recycling credits from the county council of £62.32 per tonne which could help to cover the cost of the service."

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Decision expected for kerbside glass collection in Mansfield