Council leader resilient one year after clearing his name

One year on from clearing his name of any wrong-doing the leader of Ashfield District Council says he will continue to “fight hard” for the district.

Nottinghamshire Police launched an investigation into Councillor Jason Zadrozny in 2015 amid accusations of historical sex offences.

Jason Zadrozny arrives at Nottingham Crown Court

Jason Zadrozny arrives at Nottingham Crown Court

The investigation forced Coun Zadrozny to temporarily step down from his roles as district and county councillor, with the ordeal lasting 950 days before he was acquitted on October 31, 2017.

A court heard there was insufficient evidence proving Coun Zadrozny committed the allegations and he was cleared of all charges.

He has since gone on to become leader of Ashfield District Council, and one year on he described the ordeal in a powerful Facebook post.

He said: “A vile and hurtful concoction of lies were told about me and though it was clear all along that I was totally innocent, they chose to drag my name and reputation through the mud.

“For 950 days I suffered that torture, while they wrangled to come up with a case in the face of overwhelming evidence that I could never have done what was alleged.

“Time has moved on and I will still seek justice. But more than ever what I will now do, is what I had always wanted to do, simply make Ashfield a better place than I found it.

“Fight hard for our towns and villages and create a safer, greener and cleaner place we are all proud to live in.

“I had the most wonderful friends and family who stood by me through thin and even thinner. I can never thank them enough.”

Coun Zadrozny announced after the trial that he was taking the police to court.