Conservative Mansfield councillor calls for stronger action against dog fouling

A Conservative councillor in Mansfield has called for more action to be taken against dog walkers who fail to pick up after their pets in the town's parks.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 10:21 am
Updated Thursday, 30th May 2019, 11:21 am
Berry Hill Park. Inset Councillor Lee Anderson.

Councillor Lee Anderson, Conservative member for Oakham, has hit out at the "one per cent" of "irresponsible dog walkers" who fail to pick up after their dogs and "leave families having to dodge dog poo".

Coun Anderson believes Mansfield District Council need to be "tougher" on the dog walkers and says that there needs to be a "frank, honest discussion" by councillors about how to protect the town's parks and open spaces.

He said: "As a councillor complaints about dog fouling is definitely within the top five issues spoken about by residents.

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Berry Hill Park. Inset Councillor Lee Anderson.

"I'm sick to death of walking my dog and seeing families having to dodge dog poo while they are out enjoying themselves.

"As a council we have a responsibility to do our very best to ensure people can use our parks without trying to avoid dog mess.

"I would say 99 per cent of dog walkers are responsible, but there is that one per cent that spoil it for everyone.

"The answer is not simple but we have to be more proactive in taking action and we need a proper, frank and honest discussion at council."

Councillor Lee Anderson.

Coun Anderson says he plans to submit a motion to Mansfield District Council later this year which calls for a ban on dog walkers who fail to pick up after their dogs.

He also believes the council could set up a similar scheme to parking wardens, who would "patrol our parks and ensure people are responsible walking their dogs".

He added: "If someone is caught dog fouling and not picking up after their pet, we could have a ban on them entering the parks until they learn the error of their ways.

"These people are a stain on society and it is high time we didn't shy away from taking a stand.

"We spend enough money paying parking wardens to punish shoppers for being five minutes late to the car park - why don't we redirect some of this money to our open spaces and have them patrolling our parks to ensure people are responsible and look after them?

"This would definitely make people behave more in our parks and look after them, especially if they know they're going to get a fine."

Coun Anderson is expected to submit the motion at a full council meeting later this year.