Brexit deal bad for Britain and the government, says MP

MP Ben Bradley speaking in Parliament
MP Ben Bradley speaking in Parliament

Mansfield’s MP Ben Bradley has described the Prime Minister’s Chequers agreement as “fundamentally the wrong deal for the UK and the Conservative Party” following his resignation on Tuesday.

In an open letter in the Daily Mail, Mr Bradley suggested that the chequers arrangement will “betray our country” and that the current direction of Brexit will “make a mockery of democracy.”

He said: “We are told that we could decide to change any EU law, but there would be ‘consequences’: the removal of market access and customs.

“This ‘consequence’ could trap us in the rule book and make us unable to accept goods from non-EU countries with equally high, but different, standards. In short, we will be a rule taker, not a rule maker.

“We will have to collect EU taxes and no doubt the EU will, in return, want to heavily monitor the process.”

Mr Bradley also emphasised his desire to stick up for the views of Mansfield residents when acting as a backbencher in parliament, stressing that his constituents “knew what they were voting for”.

He added: “For so many of them [constituents], this proposal does not capture the spirit of what they want. It is quite simply the wrong thing to do.

“During the two years since the referendum, supporters of leaving the EU have put up with a lot, and made compromises.

“They have accepted the EU’s insistence on discussing money first. They have accepted a transition period that will mean we will follow EU rules for nearly two extra years.

“It’s a big world out there and we can thrive with or without the EU.”

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley resigned from his post as Vice Chairman for Youth on Tuesday after disagreeing with the government’s direction on Brexit.

He will remain as MP for Mansfield.