Ben Bradley extends Mansfield majority to more than 16,000 in huge general election win

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley has significantly increased his majority to more than 16,000 after a comfortable election victory for the Conservatives.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 10:57 am

The Tory candidate gained 31,484 votes, up from his 23,392 votes in 2017, with Labour's share plummeting by more than 7,000 votes to 15,178.

It means Mr Bradley’s majority increased by more than 16,000 votes after he significantly improved on the 1,000-vote majority achieved when he was first elected in 2017.

Mr Bradley was joined by a host of Nottinghamshire-based Conservative MPs, with every seat outside Nottingham city won by the Tories including neighbouring Ashfield – the first time since 1979.

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Ben Bradley and his team celebrate the big victory.

The Conservatives as a party also saw its biggest majority since the same year, winning more than 360 seats and achieving an almost 80-seat majority – the biggest since Margaret Thatcher.

Speaking following his re-election, Mr Bradley said the Conservatives now have to deliver on their "huge mandate" – including the coined “Get Brexit Done” line.

He said: "All of the Nottinghamshire county, outside of the city is now controlled by the Conservatives.

"We've now got a massive voice for this area in parliament and it is a massive opportunity to bring investment to our part of the world.

"We have got to now keep to our promises and deliver on our pledges, investing in schools, education and in hospitals and nurses.

“I think people did want to get Brexit done and to have some certainty, and I think with this reasonable majority down there we can deliver on that and move our country forward.”

The extension of Mr Bradley’s majority came at the expense of Councillor Sonya Ward, who saw Labour’s vote share slash more than 7,000 compared to 2017.

Overall Labour saw its worst election performance since 1935, even falling short of the small 209 seats won by Michael Foot in his infamous 1983 “longest suicide note” campaign – registering just 203 votes.

Elsewhere in the constituency, the Liberal Democrats candidate Sarah Brown picked up 1,626 votes, while independents Sid Pepper and Stephen Harvey received 527 and 458 votes respectively.

In neighbouring Sherwood, Mark Spencer, the Tory chief whip, also extended his majority to 16,186.