Ashfield MP calls for independent regulator to oversee ‘aggressive’ bailiffs

Ashfield’s MP Gloria De Piero has called on the government to take action against “rogue bailiffs” who use “aggressive and intimidating” behaviour in their work.

Speaking in a parliamentary debate on the issue, Ms De Piero suggested that the government should appoint an independent regulator to monitor the industry, which she claimed will “hold them to account for their actions”.

MP Gloria De Piero

MP Gloria De Piero

In her role as shadow justice minister, she detailed the case of a young man from who took his own life after two unpaid £65 traffic fines spiralled into huge debts and bailiffs refused to set up an “affordable repayment plan”.

She said: “There is a systemic failure with regard to the bailiff industry that must be dealt with.

“The current legislation has failed to protect vulnerable people going through hard times from aggressive and intimidating behaviour.

“Self-regulation is not working and there is no simple complaints system to report horror stories.

“We need an independent regulator to put a stop to this behaviour and a complaints procedure adjudicated by an independent body.”