Another Pleasley street could be demolished for more new houses

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Plans have been unveiled to demolish 26 empty homes in Pleasley Vale – and replace them withbuild a further 16 “high quality” houses.

A planning application has now been submitted to Mansfield District Council seeking permission for the development.

The houses sit directly behind the new Weavers View complex on the A617 at Chesterfield Road North, a site of 151 homes developed over the last two years by Persimmon Homes.

The new housing complex, also submitted by Persimmon Homes, would see a series of two, three and four- bedroom houses built on the land.

Both projects are part of the Pleasley Hill redevelopment scheme, with Persimmon Homes planning to build construct more than 200 homes in the Pleasley area throughout the coming years.

Chris Gowlett, on behalf of Persimmon Homes Nottingham, said: “As this is a re-development of degraded buildings, the proposal will improve the overall quality of the area for the lifetime of the development.

“It will improve the amenity of the new residents that are neighbours to these plots.

“Even greater weight should be given to the proposal, as this re-development will help raise the standard of design within the area.

“The proposal provides significant benefit, enhancing the local character through reduction of on- street parking and improvement in amenity.

The plans would see 12 three- bedroom properties, three two- bedroom properties and one four- bedroom property built on the land of the 26 derelict homes.

According to the planning application, the houses will not be classed as “affordable”.

However the smaller and less expensive homes will still “be suitable” for first- time buyers.

It also suggests that the homes will be “cost and energy efficient”.

Mr Gowlett added: “Despite the lack of affordable housing, there are house types proposed here that meet the lower end of the market whichthat are often bought as first-time homes.

“The quality of housing will provide residents with long term, cost- saving benefits in comparison to the degraded homes.

“The new homes will higher energy efficient as well as soundly constructed housing, requiring less maintenance than the degraded houses which will be demolished.”

A decision from the council, the local planning authority, is expected by mid-March.