Annesley residents' association say miners' welfare plan 'will cause chaos'

An Annesley residents' association has hit out at plans to demolish a derelict miners' welfare in favour of housing as a "traffic disaster".

Plans were approved to demolish the former Annesley Miners' Welfare site, on Derby Road, in June, with planning approval given to build 44 new homes on the land.

Annesley Miners' Welfare and Social Club, on Derby Road.

Annesley Miners' Welfare and Social Club, on Derby Road.

But the A611 Safety and Traffic Action Group, which campaigns for safer traffic on the busy Annesley road connecting Ashfield to junction 27 of the M1, say it will add "extra strain" to infrastructure which "already cannot cope".

The group describe how "more than 800 vehicles" use the road "each hour" and believe adding extra traffic to the area is "not acceptable".

They say the traffic on the "school run" for Annesley Primary and Nursery School on Forest Road is already a "phenomenon", and believe another junction for the 44 homes will add an extra burden to the traffic woes.

Speaking on behalf of the group, John Nurse of Derby Road, told your Chad: "Annesley Primary School, just over the road from the proposed development is oversubscribed.

"Forest House Surgery on Forest Road is in cramped, outdated premises, has too few doctors, and as a consequence it is very difficult to get a routine appointment to see a doctor.

"Our observations show that at the morning peak, traffic frequently queues back up Forest Road from the Badger Box lights as far as Portland Avenue. This is a distance of over 300

metres, and well beyond the proposed access.

"About 800 vehicles an hour use this section of Forest Road during the morning and afternoon peaks. These peaks coincide with the “school run” to Annesley School.

"Nowhere in all the assessments and arguments in favour of the proposal is any mention made about Annesley School and the phenomenon of the “school run”.

"The school drive and the Badger Box car park entrance are only 40 metres from the proposed site access. It is not acceptable to insert another junction at this point, not to mention the

entrances to Forest Gardens, used as turning points by some parents.

"All of this takes place against the background of 800 vehicles an hour of general traffic using Forest Road at this time, and the proximity to the Badger Box junction.

"Yes, the existing Welfare building is an eyesore. What is in the best interests of residents is for the building to be demolished and carted away.

"But the site should then be secured and left as an open space until such time as the infrastructure can cope with more housing in the area, and a bypass has been provided to relieve the congestion and take the through traffic away from the residential area.

"What is disgusting, is that despite the number, strength, and nature of the objections to these proposals, the application was passed unanimously."