Politics column: A town to be proud of

Mansfield town Centre at Dusk
Mansfield town Centre at Dusk

Coun Phil, Shields of Progressive Labour on why Mansfield has so much going for it.

Mansfield is a town to be proud of. This is the message to everyone out there, with our aspiration to become a purple flag town.

Mansfield is a historic market town dating back to 1227. It is Nottinghamshire second city, accessed within three hours by the majority of the UK; with a population of just under 105,000.

Mansfield offers free Wi-Fi for all visitors, successful evening events, award winning restaurants and bars, a new 9 million transport interchange, a visible safe taxi rank, a night bus service, low cost evening parking and a pending 50,000 pound new way finding signage.

Mansfield has some of the best parks in the area if not the UK; including new play areas for kids in Manor, Oak Tree, Bellamy, Forest Town and Rainworth. Mansfield has five leisure centres, including three swimming pools.

How many other places of a similar size can say this?

Above all else Mansfield has a fantastic community spirit and a resilience and camaraderie amongst the people who live here, which is very rare these days. I for one am proud to say I live in Mansfield.

There are three very important consultations taking place at the minute and I know people get fed up of taking part in theses exercises, but I can assure everyone we do take notice and listen to what is being said. No one, our market, it is vital as a market town we keep our market open, we must attract new market holders and make it one that thrives. No. 2 Warsop Neighbourhood plan, the first of its kind in our District giving people the chance to have a say.

No 3, Local Green Space, we need your nominations to help protect local green space across the District, again a chance to have your say.

If you haven’t done so already, please go online and complete the questionnaires and help shape the future of Mansfield.

Finally, a big pat on the back for everyone who took part in our International Clean Up Mansfield Day.

This optimises my comment earlier about community spirit in Mansfield not only here but across the world in other Mansfield’s. This is now a truly international day and long may it go from strength to strength, well done everyone who took part.

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