Political war of words for MP and Coun

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Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate Jason Zadrozny and Labour MP for Ashfield, Gloria De Piero have had a war of words this week.

Coun Zadrozny said he received a letter from the MP asking about a range of policies.

In response to the letter he asked for a public debate. He said: “Rather than get into a succession of random email transactions that could be spun or misconstrued, it’s critical that people hear our conservation. Everyone knows that people round here face a straight choice. It’s me or Labour in May.

“So it’s high time we put our offers to the people of Ashfield on the table. I am happy to discuss any aspect of Government policy with Gloria.

“Local people deserve the opportunity to hear for themselves. The next choice for our local MP should be speaking to people - letting them know what they offer.

Gloria De Piero responded to the challenge. She said: “Of course I will be debating with Liberal Democrat candidates along with all the other general candidates. I think the Liberal Democrats’ refusal to reply to my letter which I sent 20 days ago says it all and means he could support another Tory government again, won’t apologise for trebling tuition fees, bringing us the bedroom tax, voting with Tories to cut taxes for millionaires at the same time as cutting tax credits for working families and increasing VAT. I look forward to debating his Government record.

“The Liberal Democrats can run but they can’t hid form their actions in Government.”