Police warning over icy conditions

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Nottinghamshire Police are warning motorists about preparing for winter as icy mornings begin to creep up on us.

Insp Andy Clarke said: “This week we’ve seen the first frost, and in some cases ice, so let’s break those bad habits now in a bid to protect your vehicle and stay safe on the roads.”

Criminals love the cold weather and they are savvy to people’s routines. Follow some simple crime prevention advice when defrosting your car windows so you don’t get caught out in the cold.

Never leave your car unattended with the ignition running, even if you are nipping up the driveway to close the garage. Keep hold of your keys tightly — thieves are out both daily and nightly.

Fog and icy road conditions should also be on your radar now. In the morning when you are battling ice on your windscreen, why not check out your fog lights while your heaters dissolve it?

Insp Clarke said: “We haven’t seen any incidents of theft of or from vehicles as a result of people leaving their car while it is defrosting and, so far, people are behaving sensibly on the roads. Let’s keep it that way.

“A bit of forward planning goes a long way. Set your alarm 15 minutes early so you have time to sit with your car as it warms up and then have a bit more time to make your journey.

“Never set off before your windows have completely cleared, as this obscures your vision. Drive to the conditions of the road and keep your distance behind the vehicle in front.

“Most importantly, take your time. It’s better to get there late, than never.”