Police warning in Mansfield after 10 thefts from cars

RESIDENTS living in part of Mansfield are being asked to ensure their vehicles are kept locked after a series of thefts during May.

A total of ten thefts from cars have been recorded in the Eakring Road beat area this month, particularly in Gordon Avenue, Little Barn Lane, Pump Hollow Lane and Hall Street.

Four of the thefts included the siphoning off of diesel. While those particular thefts have involved the smashing of the fuel cap to get to the diesel, a number of other thefts have resulted from cars being left unlocked.

Two men aged 29 and 23 have been arrested on suspicion of theft from cars and are currently on bail pending further enquiries.

In spite of the arrests, beat officers are issuing crime prevention advice to all vehicle owners in the area.

PCSO Neil Davison said: “Installing or using electronic and mechanical immobilisers and wheel locking nuts are three inexpensive ways of helping to keep cars secure.

“But the absence of damage to a number of cars which have been broken into suggests that thieves are finding vehicles which have been left insecure.

“Ensuring that doors, windows and fuel caps are locked whenever your car or van is left unattended, even for the shortest period of time, is a must.

“If you have a garage, use it. If you don’t, make sure you park in a well-lit open area. Thieves tend to target cars in secluded locations, away from public view.

“If you have any questions about vehicle security, visit our website www.nottinghamshire.police.uk or please telephone us on 0300 300 99 99. That’s also the number to call if you have any information about thefts from cars and other vehicles.”