Police warning after spate of thefts from cars

Motorists in Ashfield are being urged to keep their belongings safe after an increase in thefts from cars - including a spate at King’s Mill Hospital.

Police are asking people to take extra measures to ensure their vehicles are as secure as possible, including avoiding leaving items on display.

On Tuesday 10th September, a briefcase, a television and a computer was stolen from a silver Peugeot which was parked overnight in Hartley Street, Kirkby.

Thieves struck between 9pm on Monday 9th September and 8am on Tuesday 10th in the car park of Kings Mill. Three vehicles were targeted and a sat nav was taken.

Incidents have taken place at all times of day and from cars parked in driveways, car parks and on streets and items stolen include sat navs, mobile phones, and tools.

Temporary Sergeant Steve Brownley said: “We are increasing our patrols in the area and visiting known car crime offenders, but the public can also play their part to ensure they don’t become a victim.

“These are opportunistic thieves who are tempted by objects left on display. You might know it’s your dirty gym kit in that bag or a crisp packet in that lunch box but a thief might think it worth stealing.

“There is a significant cost for victims of this type of crime.

“They don’t just have to replace stolen items, but the impact of insurance claims can also be considerable.

“They often have to repair a smashed window and sometimes have to do without their cars for days while repair work is carried out.”

“By following some very simple advice, drivers can quite easily prevent themselves from becoming victims.”

Follow these tips to reduce your chance of falling victim to a thief:

Always ensure your car is locked and the windows are closed when unattended.

Do not leave valuable items, including power leads, in the vehicle and, where possible, leave the glove box open and the boot parcel shelf off to show there is nothing of worth inside.

Keep your vehicle in a locked garage, otherwise park it in a busy, well-lit area.

Consider marking items like sat navs and stereos with a forensic etching system or liquid, such as SmartWater, and record them on a property register, such as at www.immobilise.com.