Police system aids customer service

Inspection Nick Butler.
Inspection Nick Butler.
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Hucknall Police are leading the way in customer service.

The town’s crime-fighting team have been trialling an appointment system for the area and have deemed it a great success.

The new method allows residents and business owners an opportunity to set up a convenient appointment time to meet an officer when the need arises.

“We now have an electronic diary that meets the needs of our customers,” explains Insp Nick Butler of Hucknall Police. “It is a planned timed visit that gives customers a specific time and makes it easier for us to manage our resources.”

The system has proved successful from both points of view and means the police are more productive and the public are being given the service they desire.

“We recognise that people have busy lives and we have limited resources so it makes sense to set up a mutually convenient time like you would with the gas engineer,” added Insp Butler.

“Customers are also reminded of an appointment in advance by text alerts which enables our time not to be wasted and customers are not disappointed

“It also allows us to plan officer time more effectively as they are not dring to see someone who isn’t at home.”

A strong commitment has been made by the force regarding the new system so customers are not let down by officers not turning up when the are expected.

“We have a policy of not missing appointments and will even draft in officers from elsewhere to ensure our appointments are fulfilled,” added Insp Butler.

“It has been very successful so far and looks likely that the system will be adoptyed elsewhere across the county following this trial period.

“This system is simply a sensible approach to meeting our customers’ expectations.”