Police station to finally be sold off with almost £1 million loss

Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.
Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.

Controversial plans to sell off a new police station at an almost £1 million loss will finally go ahead this month.

The station at Mansfield Woodhouse was only built in 2007 is set to be vacated by all staff on October 24.

It is already on the market for a £465,000, despite costing more than £1.3m to build.

But Nottinghamshire Police has been hit with massive budget cuts since the recession and selling the building will put much-needed money back into the coffers.

They announced the planned closure of the station almost three years ago.

Paddy Tipping, police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire, put the sale down a to a “dramatically changing financial landscape for policing” and an increase in mobile technology that means police stations are no longer as vital.

He added: “What may have been the right decision ten years ago has simply been superseded by changes in the way policing is delivered and funded.

“That doesn’t mean it was wrong to spend money building a station in Mansfield Woodhouse.

“The building costs tens of thousands of pounds a year to run, its sale would generate significant money for the force and the police don’t need it to remain effective.

“I would be more concerned if the force wasn’t adapting to changing times.

“The closure of Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station does not mean local people are seeing the police withdraw from their community.”