Police praise Warsop girl for her inspirational letter

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A budding policewoman aged just nine has touched the hearts of Nottinghamshire cops after writing to tell them they were her ‘inspiration’.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “Officers in Warsop were delighted to receive this letter from nine-year-old Olivia Messenger.

“She wrote to us after taking part in an Inspirational People Day at school and choosing us.

“In her letter she asks how much work she needs to do to become a ‘police lady’ and how hard it is to chase people.

“Well Olivia, you do have to work hard but it is a very rewarding career. We look forward to you joining the force when you are a little older and have perfected your chasing skills.

“Thanks to Olivia and all at Sherwood Junior School for making our day!”

In her letter Olivia wrote:

“Today at my school we held an inspirational people day and I have chosen you.

You inspire me bacause you save the world and I want to save the world with you.

My name is Olivia Messenger and I am 9 years old and I live at Woodhouse Mansfield.My junior school is at Sherwood junior school in Warsop.

How much work do you do to be a Police and how hard is it to chase people?

My fav things to do is watch TV and read so I can read big words.

Thank You for reading my letter

Yours sincerely Olivia Messenger.”