Police move on motor gangs

Police have stopped 30 vehicles causing problems in a Mansfield business park thanks to a dispersal order.

The order means officers can remove people in groups of two or more and direct them not to return for a 24 hour period or face arrest and seizure of their vehicle.

PC Colin Kirkup said: “For the last few years there have been issues in the car parks of Sainsbury’s, Odeon, McDonalds and Pure Gym, creating an intimidating and dangerous environment for customers.

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“This dispersal order means we have the powers to move on those drivers creating a nuisance and ultimately prevent crime.

“We will be continuing with operations targeting these drivers in the coming months.”

Fifteen vehicles were moved on and three drivers received notices for antisocial driving on Monday last week.

A 17-year-old driver was also arrested after being stopped and found in possession of cannabis.

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He will be the subject of a youth referral scheme and undergo a drugs course.

Dispersal orders are applied by local authorities to antisocial behaviour blackspots in which groups are alleged to be causing distress.

The operation ran again on Wednesday last week, during which time 16 vehicles were moved on. It will be in effect until 26th August.