Police in Bolsover seize alcohol from underage drinkers

Police in Bolsover have seized booze from underage drinkers as part of their patrols to target anti-social behaviour.

The alcohol was seized during patrols by the Bolsover and Shuttlewood Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team to help target anti-social behaviour on Friday 5th April.

Letters are being sent to the parents of the four youngsters to inform them of the issue and to warn that they could face further action if they are found with alcohol for a second time.

A 14-year-old boy was also arrested on Town End at Bolsover after he was found with a small amount of suspected Cannabis.

The boy was later bailed and is to attend a local positive behaviour course as part of the restorative justice program.

PCSO Ben Perry, of the Bolsover and Shuttlewood Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We continue to target anti-social behaviour as part of our ongoing commitment to making sure our area is a safe place to live.

“Most young people we speak to while on patrol are behaving responsibly but it is important we target the small minority who are involved in anti-social behaviour, and drinking alcohol not only puts young people at risk of being hurt, but can also have a negative impact on the local community.”