Police found cocaine after Alfreton raid

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POLICE saw two lines of cocaine on a coffee table when they raided the home of an Alfreton man.

Officers with a search warrant also found a bag containing the drug, worth about £30 in total, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

“He said he had been out the night before and was feeling low and he bought the cocaine as a pick-me-up,” said Becky Mahon, prosecuting.

Nikos Kokkinos (28), a former probation worker, of Oakland Street, Alfreton, admitted possessing cocaine on January 14.

He also admitted breaching a two-year conditional discharge imposed on December 31 for producing16 cannabis plants.

The justices gave him an 8pm-7am curfew for six weeks, with £85 costs and a £60 victims-of-crime fund surcharge.

“He gained a degree and was in employment. There were problems with the employment and he became very depressed and stressed with issues occurring at work.

“This resulted in the cannabis offence. The conviction meant he couldn’t do the same work, or at least not for some time,” said John Wilford, for Kokkinos.

The court heard that Kokkinos dislocated his knee while exercising in a gym. He then bought cocaine to try and raise his mood.

“He has been to see his doctor and got drug counselling. He relies on his father and girlfriend for support. He is going into partnership with his father who runs a takeaway business,” added Mr Wilford.

Probation officer Jerry Starnes said Kokkinos started using cannabis in 2011 and at one point was buying £150 worth a week. He took cocaine occasionally but had now stopped using drugs.

Magistrates ordered that the cocaine seized be forfeited and destroyed.