Police doorstep warning after South Normanton pensioner approached

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Police are reminding residents to check the identity of doorstep callers following a suspicious incident in South Normanton.

On Monday, a 95-year-old man received a visit from a young man asking to access the entry way at his property on Palmerston Street.

He then witnessed the man call at several other properties on the street asking the same question, to access the entry way at their properties.

Officers from the volume crime unit said:” We don’t want to worry people unnecessarily but we just need to highlight the fact that people need to be alert.

“We just want people to take precautions to help them stay safe and secure.

“We urge anyone witnessing suspicious behaviour or being asked access to any part of their property by an unidentified person to notify us straightaway. This means we can get to the scene as soon as possible and verify their identity.

To report suspicious behaviour call 101, the non emergency number.