Police could share Mansfield Woodhouse police station with local youths

Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.
Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.

Police may yet remain at their Mansfield Woodhouse police station, Chad has been told.

A year after it was announced that the High Street station was to be axed as part of cost-cutting measures, police now say they are looking at the possibility of part-sharing the building.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “Initially, as part of the review of the force’s estate, it was thought we would sell Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station.

“However, the force is now looking at the possibility of sharing the building, remaining in part of it and leasing the remainder.”

The station was built for £1.3m in 2007 but would only fetch £425,000 in current market rates, and would put the force £875,000 out of pocket if the sale went ahead.

The force had argued that closing the station will represent a saving of £50,000 per year in running costs.

Since then, the local youth club has expressed interest in taking over the running of the building, and Coun Joyce Bosnjak, who is involved with the group, says she would welcome the building share with the police.

“It would be an opportunity for the young people to get to know the local police in an informal way if they could share the building,” she said.

“A lot depends on the success of the lottery funding we’ve applied, but they are extremely supportive of the 

“It’s about keeping a public building in use for the public.”