Police cocaine warning after Warsop pub toilets fail tests

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Police have vowed to continue clamping down on drug use in Warsop after it was revealed traces of cocaine were found in every pub toilet tested during a recent operation.

A number of licensed premises were targeted during a recent Friday-night operation, and although police did not reveal exactly how many were tested, all of them that were, failed.

Special wipes were used to determine if the class A substance has been on contact with the top of toilet cisterns, which are typically used for snorting the drug.

Insp Mark Webster, whose policing patch covers Warsop, said: “It’s actually not that uncommon, and we weren’t that surprised by what we found, but it won’t be tolerated.

“We will be contacting all the premises involved to help deal with any potential drug issue in their premises.

“We are looking at drug taking in the Warsop area, and this was the third operation we’ve done.

“It’s recreational, but we want to get to the people who are dealing and supplying.”

Jonathan Edwards, spokesman for MALV (Mansfield Association of Licensed Venues) said recreational drug use in pubs had always been an issue, but said pubs teamed up with police and local councils to curb the problem.

He said: “I’m not shocked by the results, I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know that sort of behaviour does go on.

“Anything that we can do to deter them, we will do it.

“There are random drug searches and toilets are closely monitored.”

However, he said that some cleaning products can trigger a positive result on the cocaine wipes used by police, so landlords were trying to pinpoint which fluids were skewing results.

But as a precaution, he says that WD40 is often sprayed across surfaces, such as pub toilet cisterns, to prevent anyone from using it for drugs.

“Anybody found or suspected of using drugs will be detained and the police will always be called,” he added.

“They’ll also be barred from all pubs for at least six months.”

Meanwhile, Insp Wester says that the drug operations will continue, after the police secured funding with a unnamed brewery to finance 
further drug-busting initiatives.

The recent operation was the third of its kind in six months, and involved six officers and a drug detection 
dog stopping people on the street.

In addition, a local headteacher joined them to see first-hand any issues with local youths, and potentially spot any that he recognised.

In total, 14 people were stopped and searched, with two being caught in possession of cannabis.

Police also monitored social media website, Facebook, and said news of their operation spread quickly around Warsop.

“There’s been some excellent community feedback, added Insp Webster.

“There is a bit of a problem with drugs in Warsop, not a massive one, but we are tackling it.”