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Sports Direct
Sports Direct
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I would like to redress the balance concerning the recent issues that some employees seem to have at Sports

I have worked at the Sports Direct site for seven years, since it moved into the area. I will concede that Sports Direct are quite different from any other employer that I have ever worked for, but the philosophy there is hard work and the company will reward you and I have found this to be true. Firstly I would like to address the ‘six strikes and you are out’. How many companies would tolerate six incidents before letting an employee go? I have worked at other companies where it is only three.

The people that complain are obviously the ones that are doing wrong, ie. , turning up late, having a poor work performance record, etc.... If you are doing your job as and when you should there is no need to be ‘in fear for your job’. Concerning the pregnant lady that gave birth, in the words of the Chad, ‘It is not known whether the woman had notified Sports Direct management of her pregnancy’. I tend to think that she did not. I have seen pregnant ladies moved onto light duties and indeed other employees that have had other medical issues.

In response to the employee that says ‘They don’t let people talk to each other, what this employee actually means is that the supervisors in the warehouse frown upon people standing around chatting and wasting time when they should be getting on with their jobs, is that any different from any other work place?

To respond to the comment of ‘ you get searched every day’, there would be no need to search people if every one was 100% honest, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I have heard that in the past the company was losing up to £60,000 worth of stock a week through theft, if this was your stock going missing what would you do?

Agency staff are employed as and when the need arises. Again think as yourself as the warehouse owner, would you employ 1000 people when there was only work for 500? No you would not because you would soon be bankrupt and your employees would all be out of jobs. The retail area has peaks and troughs of trading so agency staff are used to deal with the busy periods and when trade goes quiet less are used. It’s simple mathematics.

Dennis Skinner calls ‘For all employees to be on staff’, but he obviously cannot work out the simple equation in the paragraph above.

We do not get every weekend off, that is true, and yes we do work a rolling week. But on the weeks when we work weekends we do get days off during the week. This is the year 2014 people expect stock to be in stores when they walk in, not to be told it will be here in a few days when we get our next delivery, so the company works 24/7 as do many others. In conclusion I would say to people do not listen to rumours and hearsay because nine times out of 10 they are not true. My take on this situation is to say thank you to Sports Direct for moving in the area, thank you for giving me and hundreds more a job, thank you to Mike Ashley for his immensely generous bonus scheme and lastly to those out there who are not prepared to work for a living, don’t apply for a job with Sports Direct.

From an employee that is sick of constant criticism from people that know nothing.

Sports Direct Employee