Playing the percentage game

I refer to Mr Egginton’s comment in Chad where he felt it was right to not vote for Sir Alan Meale to be awarded freedom of the district as 75-80 per cent of the people of Mansfield did not vote for him at the last election.

The Mayor’s remarks left me wondering if the concept of public service is not understood. Under the UK constitution and also that under which Mansfield District Council operates, those elected to office are there to represent everyone in the constituency including those who did not vote for the candidate and those who did not bother to vote.

I decided to look at a few other election figures that using Mr Egginton’s analogy shows there are others in post that 90 per cent of the electorate did not want.

Let us look at the referendum on the Mayor’s post. 8,973 people voted for a mayor out of nearly 80,000! At the last election, Mr Egginton was elected by 12,680 voters out of 80,000. Using Mr Egginton’s argument what percentage of the electorate did not vote for him and thus how can he claim to represent the people of Mansfield?

Seth Clay,

Noel Street,


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