Plans to upgrade Kirkby reservoirs set to be approved

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Severn Trent Water is set to replace its ageing service reservoir at Kirkby

Ashfield District Council planning committee has been recommended to approve a planning application to build the new reservoir on land off Diamond Avenue at its meeting on Thursday August 16.

The proposal from Severn Trent Water Ltd (SWTA) is for the change of use of land from agricultural to operational and the installation of a reservoir, two valve houses, land re-profiling and landscaping works and alterations to access.

The application is for installation of a new 15 megalitre reservoir extending of the existing operational site to install a new 15 megalitre covered reservoir cell consisting of three equal compartments.

In addition there would be two valve houses, new security fencing and an extension of existing site access road, including turning areas.

There would be alteration of access off Diamond Avenue (B6020), re-profiling of land to provide screening for new reservoir and the decommissioning of two existing reservoir cells and re-using one for surface

water attenuation.

The report adds: “STWA has statutory responsibilities for the provision of water and sewerage and is currently implementing a five year capital expenditure programme to ensure a continuous supply of quality water.

The new facility is designed to include for growth up to 2034/5.”

A report on the application states that existing district service reservoirs structures at Diamond Avenue are subject to water quality risk due to potential contaminant ingress through a deteriorated

aluminium roof.

The report on the application states there are also issues with leakage, turnover period of water storage, dosing (inserting additives) and security.

The company said that the existing operational reservoir cells must be kept in supply to feed the network demand whilst the new cell is constructed. Hence there is no option to

knock them down and replace them in the same location.

For similar reasons, the western side of the site is crossed with numerous water supply pipes from the existing cells, providing supplies to the housing to the west and also into the mains along

Diamond Avenue.

The reinforced concrete reservoir will be positioned towards the east of the site, maximizing the distance to the nearest residential properties

it is, on balance, considered

The report adds that that the proposed development will not materially or adversely affect the openness of the Green Belt.