Plans submitted for new Second World War memorial

This is where the memorial would be
This is where the memorial would be

A Russian businessman is hoping to install a new war memorial to honour those who died in World War Two in a Mansfield park.

A planning application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council by Vladimir Vinogradov from Russian Beat Ltd.

If approved the memorial will be installed in the North Western part of Carr Bank Parkin Mansfield.

Vladimir said: “The main task of monuments is the preservation of memory.

“The monument of World War II is our memory, worship and respect to all those who, during the terrible years of the war, defended their country and freedom at the cost of their lives.

“Therefore, the installation of such a monument is a reminder to us of those to whom we owe our life today, this is the wish to save memory and pass it on to the younger generation.

“The place of the monument will preserve the appearance and the character of the place will complement and give greater importance to the historical value of the memorial and will attract even more visitors to one of the most beautiful parks of Mansfield.”

Vladmimir added that the installation of a monument will not have a detrimental impact on the environment and Mansfield Memorials by Skanta will be involved in its installation and making.