Plans for 58 houses on site in Mansfield

Residents have started a campaign against on a planning application to build 58 houses on a site in Mansfield

The homes are being planned for a former paddock off High Oakham Hill and an application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council’s planning department.

The application is for the construction of 58 dwellings and associated works including the demolition of existing dwelling at 28 High Oakham Hill.

Sitting on the southern edge of the town, the land off High Oakham Hill has no planning history and is currently unused. It was previously used as a paddock to graze horses.

More than 2.25 hectares in size, it backs on to a number of homes.

Although there is no indication as to how many bedrooms each of the homes could have if given the green light, then applicants have said it will be mainly two-storey homes with a few three-storey properties. Almost 20 per cent would be classed as affordable, and vehicular access is planned onto High Oakham Hill from the south-eastern edge of the site.

The applicants Carl Chadwick and Stewart Purcell, were given outline planning approval for 39 dwellings on the site in January 2018.

A letter to residents says comments should be received no later than January 25.

Mansfield South Councillor Stephen Garner, who campaigned against the last application said: “They got outline planning for 39 home snow they have come back for full planning increasing the housing density by 50per cent. We do accept that the 39 houses were passed and we can never rescind that but we don’t see why they should be allowed to edge up the total like this.”

He has called a meeting of residents to plan their objections to the application, on Monday evening.

Hig Oakham resident Helen Lubczynskyj said: “They have won the outline plan last year for 39 houses . It is almost 50 percent increase we have had a look at the plan. On previous plans there was a bund to protect the brook from pollution but the new plans don’t seem to have that which is a concern.”

The Maun Conservation Group opposed the initial application The new homes would be on a sloping hill which overlooks a pristine brook and a fishing pond which is home to a protected species of crayfish.

Residents are concerned about the increased traffic on the A60 and road safety issues.

There were 250 objections to the previous proposals.