Plans to end A60 gridlock

Improvements are being planned at a busy Mansfield junction which has become a bottleneck for traffic in the town.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:42 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 12:46 pm

A feasibility study has started into changing traffic flow at the A60 Nottingham Road/Park Lane junction.

Residents have complained about congestion at the junction of the A60 Nottingham Road and Park Lane, which provides access to Mansfield Leisure Park.

At certain times of the day the area becomes gridlocked, with traffic stopping across the junction and blocking movement in all directions.

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The study which will take around six months to complete will look at lengthening the left turn slip-road from the A60 south into Park Lane; installing another egress from the retail site north of the A60/Park Lane junction and the installation of a roundabout at the A60/Park Lane junction.

A number of meetings have been held with officers and members of Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council to discuss delays at the junction.

The co-ordination and phasing of traffic signals need to be reviewed periodically to determine if alterations should be made to the signals to account for changes to vehicular and/or pedestrian flows and these tweaks can deliver minor improvements with minor impact on the existing traffic flows through the junction.

Works to upgrade the traffic signals to include better vehicle detection at the Sainsbury’s junction were completed in March 2018.

Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop, said: “We have listened to the concerns raised by our residents and are aware of their frustrations.

If traffic remains a problem, people could avoid the area. We don’t want people to by-pass our town, we want Mansfield to be a destination of choice, a great place to visit and shop and enjoy leisure time.

“Since they did the work at the end of March it has made a huge difference. It is slowing much better because of the investment they have made already.

“We are with county officers and investigating how we can take different entrances to the park.”

A review of the co-ordination of the two signal controlled crossings on the A60 near the A60/Park Lane junction without significantly reducing the level of pedestrian service has also been undertaken.

These two sets of signals have been co-ordinated so that if drivers encounter a red light at the Talbot St signals they shouldn’t encounter a red light at the Murray St signals

Traffic signal engineers are also due to review co-ordination of the signals at the Nottingham Road/Quarry Lane junction.