Planning decision: Show us the evidence


I was disappointed not to see an apology in this week’s Chad ((11th December) over the letter from Stewart Rickersay on the 4th December.

If Mr Rickersay has any real evidence of planning decisions being made on anything other than material planning considerations he should make a formal complaint and not use the letters page of the Chad for his calumnious rants.

I cannot see how Cllr Higgins’ letter could have been put any simpler or clearer, yet Mr Rickersay seemed to be adamant on basing his reply on some paranoid political fantasy.

Whilst I agree with the view regarding the need for more hotel space in Mansfield, having read the original planning application I would like to point out that even if the application had been approved there was no guarantee that the hotel would be built.

The part of the application for the hotel was only outline planning permission, and to quote the applicant “There is strong operator interest for the restaurant units, while market interest in the hotel element of the scheme is less certain”.

If nobody came forward to take on the hotel, I am sure it would be the same parties that would be voicing their opinions and trying to politically point score due to the lack of a hotel that are currently criticising the decision not to grant permission for the hybrid scheme.

Martin Bell

Mansfield Woodhouse