Planning committee: Pot and kettle come to mind


The response from Cllr. Sally Higgins, the Chairman of MDC’s Planning Committee, in last week’s Chad was not unexpected; indeed I welcome her public affirmation that there is no pre-determination of planning committee decisions by the Labour Group

However, her challenge to my use of the phrase “Labour controlled Planning Committee” is difficult to understand since according to the Council website the balance on that Committee is split 8 Labour members, 1 Mansfield Labour 2011 and 3 Independents.

That seems to me to indicate quite clearly that the Labour Party have a controlling majority on the Planning Committee.

The Labour Party are the dominant political group on the Council and as one might expect they use that dominance to control the decision making at every level. But not Cllr. Higgins asserts on the Planning Committee.

Cllr. Higgins also chastises me for making, as she sees it, political capital out of my comment.

She should look to her own Group’s position on this as its they consistently make petty party political points at every opportunity in the Council Chamber, most notably recently by the Charter Trustees who have denied our democratically elected Mayor the right to wear the chains of office that anyone in his position is expected to wear.

Pot calling the kettle black springs to mind.

Stewart Rickersay