Planning application considered for 24 apartments on Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield

The land is at the junction of Outram Street and Park Street, picture courtesy of Google
The land is at the junction of Outram Street and Park Street, picture courtesy of Google

The application has been made just two weeks after permission was granted to turn Station House into 24 apartments on the same road.

The land is at the junction of Outram Street and Park Street, and planners want to develop 24 one and two bedroom apartments.

Planning permission to develop the land was submitted to planning authority Ashfield District Council in November 2016, but refused in December 2017 due to the non-completion of a S106 Agreement.

The design also incorporates 24 car parking spaces, hard landscaping, refuse and cycle storage facilities, and potential for a roof terrace.

A planning application was approved by Ashfield District Council to convert Station House on Outram Street into 28 apartments and two retail units earlier this month.

The building will front Outram Street and part of Park Street, with the entrance being from Park Street into the car parking area to the rear.

The application, submitted by London based Chardstock Management LTD, is now pending with Ashfield District Council.

There are several residents comments on the application, some of whom are worried about wildlife habitats and parking problems.

One resident said that there was anger towards the proposed development, due to parking.

They said: "The residents of Park Street are very angry, they can't park outside their own house."

Another resident said: "The proposed site is a haven for wildlife, there are several well established trees and bushes that are used by returning birds to nest every year.

"Parking on Park Street is already an issue for residents, on most days it is a struggle for us to park on the street.

"The proposed plan has 24 parking spaces, that's one per apartment.

"As our house is situated just a few doors down from the proposed development, we are concerned that a four storey building will limit the sun light to our back garden as well as impose on our privacy.

One resident objected on the grounds that anti-social behaviour is already a nuisance in the area.

They said: "An additional concern is the type of tenants who will occupy the flats, as I understand there are already similar developments in the immediate area which seem to involve regular police visits.

"As a parent this is also of grave concern. Park Street is a lovely community minded area and I do not feel that this is the correct site for such a development."

Another resided added: "Negative effects will result for the current occupants of Park Street if the application of this build is granted - loss of privacy on rear gardens to right hand side if developers are to build any higher than 2 storeys.

"This is an issue for those of us who have young children who wish to play outside.

"But also an issue for the security of items we may have in our gardens. - noise during construction will cause a disturbance the majority of occupants on the street.

The planning application plans clearly show large over-development of the site.

"The street currently consists of 41 properties, and this development will add a further 24 properties.

"That’s an increase of 59 per cent.

"Whilst 24 car parking spaces appear to have been included within the proposal, it is evident that no space has been allocated for visitor parking.

"It also does not provide additional parking for properties which may house couples/families who own two cars.

The current occupants already struggle to park due to shoppers and school staff and parents who misuse parking here at present.

"Traffic emerging from Park Street to Outram Street currently have an obstructed view. The proposed building plans do not aid in the removal of this as are set close to the existing boundary.

"As this site has been unused for a number of years it has become over grown as has become a habitat for local wildlife."

The proposal is still open for comments.