Pinxton man bricked manager’s car

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A young man damaged his care home manager’s Renault Megane car after he threw a brick at his windscreen and scratched an insult into the paintwork.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Thomas Michael Roots (20) of Wharf Road, Pinxton, had been angry because he did not want to work with a certain member of staff.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said: “He didn’t want to work with a member of staff and was throwing stones in the garden. He threw quarter of a brick at a window of the house and was warned by the care manager Martin Sawyer there would be consequences if damage was caused.

“Roots picked up a brick and threw it against Mr Sawyer’s car causing the windscreen to be damaged. The word ‘bell-end’ was also been scratched into the paintwork at the rear of the vehicle.

“He told police he was angry and an argument had wound him up and he knew what he had done was wrong.”

Roots pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage after the incident in June.

Defending, Katie Fowkes, said the argument arose because of difficulties with a member of staff, other than Mr Sawyer, but he accepts it was not an appropriate way to deal with the problem.

The court also heard how Roots has problems with autism and Ms Fowkes explained that this affects his learning abilities and he has difficulties to cope with his emotions. Magistrates fined Roots £84 and ordered him to pay £1,000 in compensation.