Pinter’s work comes to town

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Harold Pinter’s Betrayal is set to be performed at Mansfield Palace Theatre this month.

A ruthless exploration of the complexity of the human heart, Betrayal is Pinter’s 
most accessible work, enthralling and provocatively layered.

Emma is married to Robert, a publisher, but for seven years she has been having an affair with Jerry, a literary agent and Robert’s best friend.

Betrayal begins after the end of the affair, and pursues an intricate, gripping journey back to its very beginning.

In a brilliant device, time is turned upside down as the play charts significant events in reverse.

Performed on Friday, 22nd November at 7.30pm, tickets are £13,33, £12.30 concessions. For those who book 10 tickets they will get an 11th free.

To inquire about tickets, phone the Palace Theatre on 01623 633133.