PICTURES: Elderly residents home floods in Nottinghamshire

Flash floods swept through a Nottinghamshire retirement home – forcing dozens of residents to flee their rooms.

By Danielle Hayden
Wednesday, 7th October 2015, 5:39 pm
Worksop flash floods: Larwood House
Worksop flash floods: Larwood House

Heavy rain left the ground floor of Larwood House in Worksop under several feet of rainwater last night, October 6.

Five teenage girls who were passing by the home, on Larwood Avenue, also saw the build-up of water and went straight down to the complex to help out.

A Bassetlaw District Council spokesman said: “A1 Housing and the council would like to commend the actions of the girls who helped wardens, staff and tenants at Larwood House deal with flash flooding. They pitched in with brushes and even a snow shovel to help brush the water out.

Worksop flash floods: Larwood House

“Their community spirited actions were very much appreciated by all at the Independent Living Centre and we will be contacting them in the near future to thank them properly.”

Crews from Retford fire station attended the home at about 6pm and they used pumping equipment to clear out the water.

A Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “An excessive amount of surface water had entered the property.”

Nottinghamshire County Council also sent extra staff to help clear up some of the mess from the floods in the house and its grounds.

The flood follows a long, but so far unsuccessful campaign to get a flood control system in place the accommodation.

The Guardian reported last year that Larwood House could be the first place in the UK to have a Fluds protection system, which would protect it from flash flooding like residents also suffered in 2007.

The spokesman added: “Bassetlaw District Council are very disappointed that the proposed Fluds protection scheme could not be installed due to a number of legal, logistical and technical issues surrounding the public highway.

“Working with A1 Housing our engineers have identified alternative flood control measures, though these are not yet in place.

“Unfortunately the sheer volume and intensity of rainfall yesterday overwhelmed local drainage, with a number of run-offs collecting and flooding Larwood House.”

Other parts of Nottinghamshire have been affected by the flash floods from yesterday.